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Application Security - Understanding, Exploiting and Defending against Top Web Vulnerabilities

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Michael is also the Director of Product Security at Shape Security, a Silicon Valley startup developing an entirely new type of web security product to protect web sites against modern attacks.


Amazing applications can quickly change the world, empower business and connect users around the globe. However, without proper security built-in during development these applications can be compromised by attackers to put user data at risk, cripple user trust with the application, and result in financial losses or regulatory fines.

In this talk we'll explore top application security threats plaguing applications. We'll also exploit these issues within a running vulnerable web application and provide you the tools and resources to continue hacking within a virtual training lab.

Additional information on setting up a virtual security-training lab on your device can be found here:

About the Speaker:
Michael Coates (@_mwc) is the Chairman of the OWASP board, an international non-profit organization focused on advancing and evangelizing the field of application security. In addition, he is the creator of OWASP AppSensor, a project dedicated to creating attack aware applications that leverage real time detection and response capabilities.

Previously, Michael was the Director of Security Assurance at Mozilla where he founded and grew the Security Assurance and Web Security programs to 25 people. These teams protected Firefox, Mozilla web applications, infrastructure and data. While at Mozilla Michael was selected as one of SC Magazine's Top Influential IT Security Thinkers for 2012.

Throughout Michael's career he has advised major corporations and governments on secure architecture and software security. He's also performed hundreds of technical security assessments for financial, enterprise, and cellular companies worldwide.

Michael holds a Master of Science degree in Computer, Information and Network Security from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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